Brand Story


Bright Leaf

The company named as “BRIGHT LEAF”, means that we “Leaf for Your Bright…” just like a leaf provides nutritions for flower by photosynthesis. We provide products and services for our customer’s bright.



We also released our own brand called “LEAFLOWER” which is combined with “LEAF” and “FLOWER”, means that “LEAF making FLOWERING”, and also “ A flower is a world, A leaf is a Bodhi ”, mentioning us to make the work ultimate achievement.


  • The company is originated to the year of 1998, the initiator was one of the  forerunners of undertaking the digital print industry in China.
  • From introducing those famous digital printers of Japan, the sublimation inks of Italy and Korea, the transfer papers of Holland and Korea, and to push the domestic products update, the company has bear witness and deeply participated to the development of Chinese digital print industry.

Industry Update

  • Chinese digital print industry has being made considerable progress with the environmental requirements, personality demand and  product technology update in the past twenty years.
  • Especially in the field of heat transfer sublimation print and pigment direct print, Chinese product technology has being updated and the product quality is as good as  those international famous brands.

Dilemma of Solution

  • However the different kinds of products haven’t be developed with synchronization and coordination, therefore the openness and compatibility of different products is not enough, there has so many differences between them.
  • So it is very difficult for those terminal users how to select a best practical solution, considering as the cost and risk, that would be the most important.
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