• BRIGHT LEAF is a production, technology and trading platform type enterprise,  providing professional digital print total-solution for overseas markets with the field experiences of 20 years and an excellent reputation.
  • Customer satisfaction is our goal and our vision is  LEAF FOR YOUR BRIGHT…

  • With the development of  past nearly twenty years, we  have accumulated plenty of experiences either at the difference  of product quality and performance or  at the compatibility between the product mix.
  • And we have an excellent  reputation in this industry, so we have an obvious advantage at purchasing price, quality control and after sales etc.

  • With the implementation of “the Belt and Road” strategy from China,  the manufacture industry has being updated to the intelligent manufacturing and is exporting the digital print products.

  • And with the 2016 First Summit of Global Digital Print was be successfully held in China, the digital print industry will usher in a new round of development peak.

  • Reactive to the trend, BRIGHT LEAF begin to carry on the professional integration of industry front and end resources basic on the almost twenty years experiences of Chinese digital print industry.

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